Welcome at MELT

scarves … which are more than scarves

MELT is an elegant, powerful and sweet world. Welcome to our scarves boutique. All of them are hand woven in our workshop in Nepal on wooden loom according to very ancient way. Every weave, canvas, herringbone, twill, diamond, …. Shows exquisite fabrics such as cashmere, silk, yak, camel … which are woven together and give different thickness, softness and warmth. Colors are hand-made and give unique tone.

Wear a MELT is much more than wearing a scarf. Beyond its original function of keeping your warm, it is a real ornament. A piece in your wardrobe. Find out more about our stoles with our autumn-winter 2018-19 collection. For bigger sizes such as plaid or blankets, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our store will soon display interior decoration, and lifestyle pieces.