scarves … which are more than scarves

an art de vivre

MELT is an elegant and powerful world. Welcome to MELT boutique. All our textiles are hand woven in our workshop in Nepal on wooden loom according to very ancient way or in India in an atelier with a great actor of sustainability in India.

Every weave, canvas, herringbone, twill, diamond, …. Shows exquisite fabrics such as cashmere, silk, yak, camel … which are woven together and give different thickness, softness and warmth. Colors are hand-made and give unique tone.

Wear a MELT is much more than wearing a scarf. Beyond its original function of keeping your warm, it is a real ornament. A piece in your wardrobe.

Dress up in MELT, it is enjoying the softness of ready to wear organic handwoven cotton line  made in an ethical workshop very much involved into local life in India. It is brightness and freshness in your life with unique colors and fabrics which are respectful of environment

Live in MELT, is falling in love with all our interior decoration items hand made by passionate craftmen who give their knowledge from one generation to another. Life in MELT is a mix between modernity and respect.

Become MELT, is trusting us for personal project. Melt is sur-mesure in and for everything you dream about. There is only solution.

Atelier Melt au Népal