The present general terms of sale govern relationships between, on one hand NILO BLEU, with a capital of 10 000€, registered on the RCS of Avignon - the number 789 085 016, the owner of the site, whose head office is situated in 24 chemin du Jas - 84470 Chateauneuf de Gadagne (France), below called "MELT" and, of other part, the person who makes a purchase through the web site of the company MELT https: //, below called " the Customer ". 

The Parties suit that the orders spent with MELT via Internet are exclusively governed by the present general terms of sale, with the exception of any other condition which would be available on the site https: //


The Web site was designed by MELT, who is an owner and a holder of the set of the rights which relative to it. Except prior and written authorization of MELT, it is forbidden to copy, to download all or part of the site or its contents. 

Products proposed on the site are described in product sheets including for certain a photo and indicating their name, color and characteristics. Photos and images illustrating the site and the description of products do not enter the contractual field. Photos and images of the site are not contractual, on no account the responsibility of the storekeeper can be committed.


1.1 -The prices of products are indicated in euros inclusive of all taxes, except off contribution to costs of transportation. Amounts expressed in other currencies are supplied only in purely indicative title. 

1.2 - All the orders, wherever they are from are payable in Euros

1.3 - MELT reserves the right to modify its prices at any time. Products will be
charged on the basis of the current price list at the time of the confirmation of the order by MELT such as planned in the article 3.2 of the present general terms of sale.


2.1 - The Customer declares to have acquainted and to have accepted the present general terms of sale before the signing of the order.


2.2 - The order must be seized on the site https: //

2.3 - The Parties mutually note that products presented on the web site https: // may not be available at the time of the order.

2.4 - During the recording of the data in the section " my basket ", the Customer has to make sure of the accuracy and the exhaustiveness of the resquested data which he supplies. Any later modification must be mentioned as fast as possible. 

2.5- Only the people legally capable of signing contracts concerning the properties and the services proposed on the site can order on the site

2.6- MELT reserves the right to suspend or to enclose the account of a customer who would violate the capacities of general terms of sale. Anyone whose account would have been suspended or enclosed cannot order on the site without the prior authorization of SAS NILO BLEU.


3.1 – Order is confirmed by MELT as soon as payment has reached MELT in a maximum delay of 8 days after order. MELT will confirm order to buyers via email (mentioning order, product, price and quantity) This order confirmation or the deny of order will be confirmed to buyer within 48 working hours after receiving the email of order and payment.

3.2- The sale contract of the product will be concluded when the Customer, having had the possibility of verifying the detail of his order and his total price, as well as of correcting possible errors, will confirm this one to MELT to express his definitive acceptance.

3.3- Any order confirmed by the Customer is worth conclusion of the sale contract and correlatively the acceptance of the prices, the description, the quantity of products available on the sale and the clauses contained these general terms of sale.

3.4- The data recorded and kept by MELT establish the proof of the set of the transactions crossed between MELT and his customers


4.1 - MELT tries hard to keep up to date the site according to stocks. Nevertheless breaks are possible. In this case, MELT makes a commitment to propose a style of equivalent quality.


4.2 For lack of availability of the product after confirmation of the order  (article 3), MELT will inform by email the Customer about it as soon as possible. The Customer can obtain no compensation and no compensation other than the simple refund or replacement of the product if this one was actually paid. 

4.3 - In case of refund this one will be made in the choice of MELT by credit on the bank account or by check at the latest in 15 days as from the payment of the sums paid by the Customer.


5.1 - MELT tries hard to deliver in 10 in 15 working days for France as from the reception of the order and the payment. The indicated deadlines are usual average deadlines and correspond to processing time and of delivery.


5.2 - MELT makes a commitment to inform the Customer of any predictable delay of delivery. 

5.3 - The deadlines of shipping indicated on the site are registered for information purposes. The deadline of shipping being the date in which MELT hands the parcel to the carrier. MELT makes a commitment to deliver products in 15 days following the order. In case of unavailability of the ordered good, MELT informs the customer about it by every possible means. The Customer can in this hypothesis ask for the refund of the paid sums if the storekeeper is not capable of supplying to the customer a product, of a price and a quality equivalent to that of the order. MELT makes a commitment to pay off the Customer in thirty days as from the reception of the request

5.4 - The deadlines(extensions) supplied by MELT to the Customer vary according to countries. These are indicated for information purposes on the www.thisismelt site. Com 

5.5 - MELT who can not be responsible for a possible overtaking of indicative deadlines(extensions) during the confirmation of the command(order). However the article/114.1 of the code of the consumption allows the customer to cancel its command(order) in case the delivery deadline is exceeded(overtaken) of 7 days. He will have to make him(it) by registered letter with recorded delivery. 

5.6 - MELT will be responsible on no account because of the not presence of the Customer during the delivery of its command(order) or a bad information from him/her to MELT. Products are delivered to the address indicated during the command(order) of products. 

5.7 - The property of the goods and the risks afférant are transferred to the customer from the taking possession of these. 

5.8 - The Customer can emit(utter) reserves during the delivery of the Products only in case of not corresponding delivery quantitatively with order. 

5.9 - Quite to reserve must be notified to the carrier during the delivery of the porduit. A copy of the reserves must be sent to MELT (by email) at the latest 12 hours after these reserves are made. It is up to the Customer to supply with this sending to MELT the confirmation by the carrier of the reality of these reserves. 

5.10 - In the hypothesis of non-compliance of products with regard to(compared with) the command(order), the Customer will have to send to MELT an email of contesting. MELT will proceed, as the case may be in the exchange or in the alterations(retouch) of one or several products. The demand(request) must be made in seven ( 7 ) working days following the delivery of products. Any complaint formulated outside this deadline(extension) cannot be accepted. Products must be sent back(dismissed) to MELT in was him(her,it) in which one(which) the Customer received them. The shipment charges are chargeable to the Customer. 

5.11- The Customer makes a commitment to settle or to make settle the customs duties, the VAT or other taxes owed on the occasion of the import of products in the countries of the place of delivery. 


6.1- Credit card payment 

6.1.1- The Customer can settle online by bank card his purchases via the module of secure payment. The number of the bank card and the expiry date are coded and passed on to the specialized company Crédit Agricole, and in a secure way without MELT or thirds can have access there. This same information will not be reused that go away of possible returns, to make the corresponding refunds. 

6.1.2- The amount of the order is sold at the expense of the Customer at the time of the validation of the payment. 

6.1.3- The data recorded and kept by MELT establish the proof of the order and the set of the past transactions. The data recorded by the system of payment establish the proof of the financial transactions. 

6.1.4- Invoices are sent by email by the site of MELT. 

6.2- Payment by transfer. 

6.2.1- The banking deadlines allowing to make the transfer are indicated on the page of payment of the site. Possible freshly staying chargeable to the Customer. 

6.2.2- The order, subject to availability, will be sent to the Customer upon receipt of the payment by MELT; accordingly, the applicable delivery deadlines in this case are the ones in the day of the reception of the payment and can be modified with regard to those mentioned in the day by the signing of the order.

6.2.3- Invoices are emitted during the delivery of the order and available on your box email. 

6.2.4- When the Customer will have validated his payment. MELT will book the set of products selected during a deadline of 8 days. Beyond this deadline, if the regulation did not reach MELT yet, products will be put back on sale and the Customer will lose the profit of all the reductions which he will have used to make this purchase.


7.1- For all our products made to measure, the right to withdraw cannot apply, according to provisions of the article L 121-20 of the Code of the Consumption such as modified by the prescription n°2001-741 of August 23rd, 2001 which stipulates that the cooling-off period is seven (7) days and the retraction is excluded in particular (article 121.20.2 3rd paragraph) for the supply contracts of the properties clearly personalized or made according to the specifications of the consumer, or in particular for custom-made articles and the measure except standard. So no cooling-off period will be given agissatn custom-made articles (specific motive, … ) Of all the articles except standard and artciles containing additions or specific modifications. 

7.2- For product proposed on our site in the column Collection. The Customer has a deadline of seven (7) jurs francs as from the reception of the order to cancel the sale contract of products concluded during the validation of the order (article 3). In the hypothesis where products would already have been delivered to the Customer, this one will have to restore them to MELT, without having to prove of motids or paying of penalties, but will have to pay the transport. 


8.1- Products are in accordance with the French legislation. 

8.2- The responsibility of MELT cannot be committed in case of stock shortage of fabric, delay in delivery, strike (including in transport) or of force majeure and, anymore generally for any event not being exclusively and directly attributable him. 

8.3- Photos illustrating products on the site are not contractual. 

8.4- The Customer reaches, uses and navigates the site of MELT at his/her own risk. 

8.5- The NILO BLEU company has, for all the stages of access to the site, of the process of order, the delivery or the later services, only one obligation of way. The responsibility of MELT could not be committed for all the inconveniences or the damage inherent to the use of the network Internet., in particular the break of the service, the outside intrusion, the presence of computer virus, … Neither MELT, nor the Customer could not be held responsible for any non-fulfillment which would have origin any fact qualified as force majeure, escaping its control, including in particular, without it is restrictive and according to the jurisprudence, the causes for war, of riot, interruption of transport, problem of import or export, strike, of lockout, shortage, fire, earthquake, storm, flood.

8.6- The Customer reckons and accepts that in all the measure admitted by the applicable regulations, MELT cannot be held responsible for direct, indirect, fortuitous damage, or for the repair of a non-material damage, for costs, for losses


9.1- The refunds of products in the referred to in the article hypotheses 7 will be made for a deadline lower or equal in 30 days after the reception of products by MELT.

9.2- The refund will be made in the choice of MELT by credit on the bank account of the customer or by bank check sent in the name of the customer having placed the order and at the billing address. No cash on delivery will be accepted what is the motive. 


For quite information or question, the customer service is at your disposal: contact the customer service:



The present contract is subjected to the French law. The language of the present contract is the French language. In case of dispute with professionals andor storekeepers, the courts of Paris will be competent. In case of dispute, the French courts will be only competent.



MELT makes a commitment to protect the personal data communicated by the Customer. All the personal data concerning the Customer collected by MELT are handled with the strictest confidentiality, according to the personal capacities of the data protection policy of MELT.