Melt is a meeting of two solar energies that whisk you away to a universe of elegance both powerful and gentle: Emma Garcin and Jeanne Biehn.


They are never far apart, animated by their joint wish to support artisan weavers and dyers and to reinvent the use of ancestral techniques. The result is a range of Winter and Summer scarves and fashion accessories, and, occasionally, pieces for the home and ready-to-wear.
The range is constantly increasing thanks to the creativity of the collections produced in Nepal and Morocco. Each piece is unique as hands guide the machines, weave and dye. Each piece bears the name of the person who inspired it or the artisan who made it.

Melt is a creative family that grows with each season, each member appreciating the other, and a family that loves to congregate in the Paris showroom as though it were a living room – here you’ll find artisans from Kathmandu and Fez, photographers who conjure up exclusive new images for each season, models, both professional and amateur, who come from all over, and a loyal tribe of buyers.


In the workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal, all the pieces are woven by hand on traditional wooden looms. Following the tradition of the weavers of Darjeeling, handed down from father to son, each piece of cloth, warp and weft, twill, chevrons or diamonds, has no other quite like it. Cashmere, silk, yak and camel hair can be mixed together to vary the weight and softness, according to the season.

écharpe artisanale

The dyes are all artisanal, too, and produce charming, one-of-a-kind tie-dye effects that vary subtly from one dye-bath to another. The final colour is decided by the artisan and how he views the intensity of the colour, helped along by Mother Nature and the prevailing weather conditions.

echarpes teinture artisanale méthode traditionnelle

In Fez, Morocco, skins are chosen one by one with help from the tanners to select the softest and most supple leather. Here, too, the ancient dying process reflects deep knowledge.